Product shoots in Amsterdam & Photographs as processes not as products”

12244369_1487756134864279_870324013190247011_oBy taking an online course yesterday, I got inspired by this little quote about seeing photographs as processes not as products, it inspired me to share my photography working experience with you.

So I have ben working as photographer for last four years and my long time dream was to visit NYC. I went there this January and NYC experience has been wonderful to me..

Before going there I was doing all sorts of photography, mainly focusing on Portraits & Products, but I forgot how important it is to follow the process, not only concentrating on the result.

Same with creative projects – the concept is the key, if you don’t have story, your picture doesn’t have soul.


Besides being hyper motivating, NYC inspired me to focus on product photography more. I love photographing people, but I want to keep it as my free projects (such as “Heterochromia – Children of Hags“).

Product photography require different process that depends on  you then anyone else, I like that!

I want to explore that process, dive in to it, create, build… people are different, you are drawn in to their story, which is awesome, but I want to create new stories now and dive in to the colorful and beautiful little things, talk to them, move them, add to them, dance with them.

Let it be! 🙂


Stay inspired!

Here is a link to that free photography course I was telling you about! 🙂 press here.


If You don’t have Time to Meditate – Meditate More

maria cavali - yoga
maria cavali – yoga

I am not sure if this is right, but I express it the best I can remember.

Last three years I was struggling to find the time and do my Tibetan exercises and this year I spend more and more time doing Yoga and the more I do, the more I understand how essential it is.

My Yoga school founder once said: “I created this school, I made affordable, easy and for everyone simply because I want more people to do Yoga…”

This is so Fucking Great (please excuse my French)…

I am just feeling GRATEFUL today and I feel same – I want more people to practise Yoga, to feel that powerful energy floating trough your body and mind, as if your mat becomes surfing board  and you just surf trough the sea of your inner silence…

I want people practise Yoga in their daily lives and if they don’t have time for this, then practise even more, until it becomes a must to keep your mind and body intact and synchronize with life.




I did not write for a while. I did not have time? Bullshit. I guess time was intense and you need to organise your thoughts before you spread them on a paper I suppose. And my head was buuusy… professionally and personally.

So what did I do recently?
After going to Paris, York and Manchester followed, then Lithuania two times, London and I am back to Amsterdam again.
There was Aethetica award ceremony at York St Mary’s church.
“Heterochromia – Children of Hags” photography project got noticed and out of nearly 4000 applications for over 80 countries one of the pictures was selected and published in a yearly Aethetica Magazine book.
Going there was worth it simply because it was very important to me, but, to be honest I guess it is not really worth going to such a thing if you are not one of the 5 finalists J
Photographers are still very much loners, so there were no hosts and basically it was just one huge expo, many people, so I just got pretty drunk very fast and did not even speak to anyone.
Afterparty was also divided to a mini groups and it was too late to make friends I suppose. Might be I am a loner myself, that explains everything J and so what then, might be next time will be better. I am happy at the end, it was the biggest thing I got in my 3 years photography career so far, so let my work speak for me then and I will shut the silence with couple glasses of proseco and I save my energy for the speech I will be giving one day, another time, different opening.
And now I am just listening to Nirvana Unplugged( inspired by  Montage of Heck” documentary ( ) and everything seems to be faded and not important anymore…

So cheers to new events in life, moments of NOW, observations, changes and developments!

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Raminta The Storm Girl :)

Ramus in Lithuanian means “calm”, “peaceful”, but since we are last pagans in Europe, we also have names such as Audra, meaning storm. Her name is Raminta (peaceful, calm), but I would rename her to Audra – Storm, other popular pagan name:)

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Beautiful Heterochromia in Paris :)

It was awesome and I can’t be happier then I am now, all trip is already worth every single minute of my time and every single cent I have invested in it! off to next shoot in XXI arrondissement and Versaille tomorrow! 
Thank you so much, Emilie, Laura, Raminta 🙂 
Heterochromia – Children of Hags ROCK!!!! :)))

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Too Late Laters or Heterochromia in Paris

I came to Paris yesterday. I had to wait for six hours to get in to the apartment. I had time…walked a little bit, but it’s not so much fun to walk with luggage that contains equipment, drives, camera… 

I found little cute bar close to where I suppose to be staying and decided to land there for last four hours. 
 Observing people, reading, planing heterochromia shoots, checking emails, whatsaaping… 
 It was  long leather bench type space on one side and little, french round tables surrounded by chairs on another one.
So you wold sit on one long bench together with three or four more tables, just the person in front of you would be sitting on a chair. 
 Suddenly couple next to me left, I turned my head to the right and I started observing  closest  next to me sitting people. 
It seemed that the guy that was sitting from my right side had heterochromia!  one dark brown and another one light green eye.
 He was sitting side ways and I was trying to see if this was really true.  I was a little embarrassed to go to the table and ask, so I waited.
Since I had space next to me free, another guy filled the gap and they two tables started talking. Now beautiful eyes man was looking towards my side and I could clearly see that his eyes were really different 🙂
I was just smiling, I didn’t know what else to do 🙂 I though I will definitely talk to him later. I am not entirely sure what I was waiting for to be honest, but I just did…
I was busy with my phone for a moment, replying about the keys and timings and when I lifted my head the table on my right side was empty. Since the guy that was sitting next to me was talking to my precious heterochromia man I asked if his friend had two different color eyes and Mannon (that was his name) said yes.
I gave my business card to Mannon asking to pass it to the man if they will meet again and we started talking.
 Mannon happened to be owner of “Emerge” gallery in Paris (
So my three waiting hours suddenly became really pleasant, great sharing, showing things on each others phones.. images, projects, conversations, burning man…
Fffffiewwwww… Life is awesome!
I had great time and it was great meeting someone that is close to what I do in life, but after I got home I could not help myself thinking why I didn’t come to that man and din’t ask him to participate in “Heterochromia – Children of Hags” photography project? He was sitting only one table away… Sometimes thins are easy to reach and I just took it for granted, didn’t I ? 🙂 
Oh well… we live, we learn. 
But… being thankful and surprised is not good enough. We have to unwrap all gifts that life is sending us. 
There is not LATER, Later is just too late… 

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